Background and Experience:

Dan Lyle, Ph.D.


Daniel B. Lyle, Ph.D.  holds a Ph.D. in Biology, earned from the University of California, Riverside. He has directed laboratory research programs in identifying environmental hazards, how to assay the function & health of blood vessels, what can over-stimulate the immune system, how cancer develops, and new aspects of treating diabetes. This research has been conducted in academic, hospital, and government regulatory settings.

As a "Student of Life" (biologist) Dr. Lyle has a deep interest in both what hurts us (causing diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer) and what makes us healthy; and why we choose one or the other---in all aspects of life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

To help others in understanding what helps versus hurts us---and how to implement Quality methods and techniques to better our lives---Dr. Lyle established place where people from all over the world, from all walks of life, can come to share online their experiences in living life: in a mutual search for what it really means to make a difference and have our lives be "Significant" (LylePublishing Discussion Forum).

Dr. Lyle's books deal with figuring out the real nature of Life: in which knowledge becomes practical steps that CHANGE our lives for the better. His other works are available at  

These works are very reasonably priced (most $9.95) and available for immediate download as e-books.  Formatted as e-books, they are immediately-available, extremely well-organized, very orderly, with internal links to jump to what is most important to the reader, and contain many links to other key resources.


Some of his main writings are listed here:

The Pecan Pie Diet --  What you really need to do (and how to do it) to get and stay lean, trim, and fit.

Effectively Managing Stress --  How to soothe and manage ever-present, burning Stress.

In Search of Quality: Principles & Mechanisms --  How to get the most from working with other people.

The God Debate --  Reasonable, powerful arguments on each side culminating in Profound Conclusions.

The Book of Lyle --  An adventure across all the history of mankind leading to a new religious movement.

Creative-TheologyTM --  A significant advance in man's understanding and response to God.

The Real Jesus: A Creative-Theologist Worthy of Being Followed  --  A fresh look at Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Lectures --  What Jesus might say if He returned for a short inspection of his followers.


Consultation Availability:

Dr. Lyle is very experienced in the art of learning, applying knowledge, and forging forwards---both individually and with others.  He knows how to do this by his formal instructional experience at all levels, including teaching medical school and post-graduate courses.  In his government work totalling 30 years plus nonprofit participation, he managed and worked with many small groups, committees, and work-groups of all types.  His expertise in facilitation and management for getting the best from both volunteers, colleagues, and supervized individuals is available for consulation, collaboration, and reference.


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