The Pecan Pie Diet  

I.         Introduction.                                        

A large part of this book is my story.  It's about my own struggles with getting and staying lean, trim, fit, and fleet.  

As you'll find out, I was once well on my way to becoming a morbidly-obese person.  How I stopped that rapid slide, managed to get it turned around, and over years of struggle got back to having a reasonably fit body became a big part of my healthy-eating/living Plan.

As we together go through this e-book, I'll tell you about that, plus a number of other examples taken from my own life---how I've fought against getting very, very fat---what I've seen and learned along the way.

The Pecan Pie DietTM, though, is not just a super-good compilation of scattered excellent principles and techniques that most of the experts totally agree upon, brought together into one place (yes, it is indeed all of that---but it's also MORE).  

It's my experience in learning and applying accepted techniques/tools that actually WORK; plus unique things that I've discovered on my own.

And one of the key things I've discovered is this:  


If that's you---WELCOME!!!  We are two birds of a feather, and we're going to have a lot of fun going down the path to a broad understanding of:  

1)        The best motivation in regards to proper eating,

2)        What "proper eating" really is, and

3)        Exactly what to do to have the best shot at getting our bodies (yours and mine) into their very happiest and healthiest state!

If that's not you, I recommend stopping right now and asking for your money back.


If you don't particularly care about the long term and are just looking for a quick fix,then pick up any other diet plan out there.  

Just about any diet plan will work---short-term.  They'll all cause you to temporarily shed pounds…through starvation, harmful drugs, or strange foods.  Then after throwing your body completely out of balance, the pounds will stream back on---plus some extra ones not there to start with!

Even though doing the best things that really work takes longer than the quick fixes---your success in acquiring a new, trim/fit/fleet body via The Pecan Pie Diet TM can be stable and continuing.

And the really Good News is that it's not all that hard to do, once you figure out what's really going on!  It's not about suffering, deprivation, and self-torture.


And, yes, the Bad News is you can't do it just for a few weeks and then go back to your old bad habits.

You've heard it said before by many other nutrition experts:  Its got to be a permanent lifestyle CHANGE.

If, then, you are willing to CONSIDER making some life-long, permanent changes in the way you view and handle food; then you are ready to discover for yourself some AMAZING things in The Pecan Pie DietTM.

I predict that the "light bulb" of profound, new discoveries as to how to really make it work---will TURN ON above your head a number of times as you proceed with me through this exciting journey.

I'll repeat this several times as we go through this journey together, and want to emphasize it strongly here, up-front, as one of my favorite Lyle Quotes:


So let's get to it!

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