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Enjoyably get (and stay)

lean, trim, and fit

Across the world, there is an epidemic of obesity.  This is causing an epidemic of diabetes and other related diseases.  Getting and staying lean, trim, and fit is no longer just a way to stay attractive to the opposite sex.  It’s now a matter of life or death. Dr. Lyle’s book “The Pecan Pie DietTM  describes what you really have to do to get and stay lean, trim, and fit---while still getting to eat the foods that you enjoy the most (such as Pecan Pies)!  It’s all a matter of eating the right things in the right amounts at the right times in the right ways. Dr. Lyle makes it enjoyable and easy to take three necessary steps: 1) understand your own body, 2) carefully reduce its fat content, and then 3) maintain that success long-term. These methods are what really works, not fads or fakes.  Many examples are included, much from Dr. Lyle’s own life in his own struggle against obesity.  If you’ve tried and failed to control your weight for years, this is the book for you.
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Conquer and control your


Stress is being in a state of “fight or flight” for too long.  That which saves you in an emergency will cripple you when it becomes chronic.  Much of the illness and dysfunction in us---and in the world at large---is due to crushing, ongoing stress. Dr. Lyle has a series of books, starting with Effectively Managing Stress” that lead you step-by-step through many different powerful techniques and methods for conquering and controlling stress.  Written in a conversational tone, these books are very easy to read, understand, and apply to your daily life. Stress is insidious and pervasive: often lurking in the shadows of our minds, unrecognized.  Superficial, simple methods often don’t work at controlling our deep stress.  It takes a full-on attack with many weapons to defeat stress.  Dr. Lyle’s series of books provides just that. Life is filled with dispiriting stress.  Learn how to rise above the pain and regain your joy.
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Practical tools for becoming

more successful

“Success” is often illusive.  At whatever you are trying to do, failure is far more likely than success.  Indeed, many lives are crushed by not having the right stuff at the right time in the right way. Fortunately, tools exist for you to “take the bull by the horns” and increase your odds for achieving success.  To-date those tools have mostly been limited to sophisticated management theory, Dr. Lyle breaks-out practical, easy methods for you to influence others for your greater success. In his book “In Search of Quality: Principles and Mechanisms” Dr. Lyle gives you the “secret” methods for getting others to happily do what you want them to do.  This is the art of “facilitation,” which gives you great power over other people for accomplishing good things.  It applies not just to big business, but also to churches, nonprofits, families, your job, and your one-on-one relationships. Discover a whole new dimension to life for making you more successful.
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See books by Dr. Lyle that will help you discover new and exciting ways to do the following: 1) enjoyably get and stay lean, trim, and fit; 2) control and conquer stress; 3) be more successful; 4) find continuing inspiration; and 5) increase your confidence. 

Find continuing and

growing inspiration

To just live until we die has little meaning.  Most people feel an inward compulsion to seek meaning that goes beyond mere existence.  Sadly, many religious groups  today that seemingly offering transcendental purpose devolve to boring and meaningless ritual that honors thoughtless traditions. Dr. Lyle goes back to the beginning of time and starts all over with religion and spirituality.  In “The God Debate” he takes a serious look at whether “God” truly exists.  In the “Book of Lyle” he leads you on a spiritual adventure re-examining everything.  In Creative-TheologyTM” he presents a significance advance in the spiritual state of humanity, with new and higher purpose.  For Christians, Dr. Lyle asks them in “The Real Jesus to consider following the complete Jesus;  and in “The Jesus Lectures (a series of ten books) to consider what Jesus would say to his followers if he returned for a short inspection tour. If you are are an unsatisfied seeker---not yet having found what you’re looking for---Dr. Lyle offers profound conclusions that go beyond anything you’ve ever heard before. 
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Get reality-based, solid


Many people go through life unsure and scared.  Outwardly they may appear quite confident and self-assured.  But inside, the opposite is often true.  In addition, life tends to beat people down.  A person may start out with the blind confidence of youth and end up with the sad experience of repeated failure. Contrary to common belief, however, confidence is not dependent on success.  Confidence is an attitude built on setting one’s own goals, defining one’s own path, and continually adjusting those dependent on the changing horizon. In “The Pecan Pie DietTM, “Effectively Managing Stress,” “The Book of Lyle,” Creative-TheologyTMand “In Search of Quality” Dr. Lyle helps you take charge of your own life.  Life changes from an ordeal to an adventure.  Confidence is no longer based on external results but on inward awareness that you have the tools to do what’s needed.  When you no longer have to win to succeed-- -then you have a new and powerful freedom.  This awareness doesn’t come overnight.  But when it does come, you acquire a confidence that can’t be shaken.
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Dr. Lyle is always happy to hear from you.  Please send your comments, concerns, questions, or queries to his e-mail address at DanLyle@LylePublishing.com .  As soon as he is able, Dr. Lyle will send you a reply.  Dr. Lyle has practiced Quality Management and Facilitation in committees, classrooms, and laboratories across a long career in the U.S. Air Force, Veterans Hospital, and the Food and Drug Administration. He is available for consultation on those subjects at a reasonable negotiated fee. A particular interest of Dr. Lyle’s is applying Quality and Facilitation techniques to church management.  The goal is to help religious leaders to better help their people to exercise their God-given talents together for the good of the organization.  Dr. Lyle is also available to set up and/or teach classes on stress reduction, weight control, facilitation, and quality management based on his books on those topics. See his video on consultation options for more information, or send a query to the above e-mail address.
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