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You are welcome to disagree with the views of others (indeed, the point is to share a variety of viewpoints, and thus to learn from each other), but please do so decently and respectfully.  

Honest people of good intentions, with equal intelligence and command of a subject, often will and do disagree with each other on many points, especially when those points are heart-felt.   However, as we expect others to be civil and respectful to our own views, so must we be of others.

Also, as I have grown older, I've come to an attitude of HUMILITY.  Over and over I find that while my prior viewpoints were not necessarily wrong, there's always a "deeper and wider" to discover, which extends my awareness.  And, indeed, sometimes I do find that I am wrong and need to change my views---in error even though I was convinced I was right!  And thus I learn more, and become yet wiser...

Another viewpoint I've come to is the realization that virtually always there is at least a GRAIN OF TRUTH in what other people say to me, even when they seem to be attacking and criticizing me.  By seeking the grain of truth that's always there,  I can more readily appreciate and respect the other person's words.  In addition, I can use that constructive criticism to make my own position better and stronger!

After all, what is my AIM?  Is my Aim to show how smart I am?  Is my Aim to defeat and destroy all those around me who don't totally agree with me in everything?  I should hope not.  My Aim in dialoguing with other people is to have the privilege of helping make both me and them better people.

The AIM of the LylePublishing Discussion Forum is:  "Decently and Respectfully, Mutually Explore the Nature of Significance."  [That's the long version.  The crisp, focused version is: "Explore the Nature of Significance."]  

This does not mean we necessarily invalidate anything we believe now.  It may indeed mean, however, that we both deepen and widen our mutual, shared understanding of this big, wide Universe.

I look forward to learning from you.  Thank you for being so kind as to share with me and  with the other participants your own good ideas and hard-won knowledge.

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This is a "bulletin board" where you can read comments people have previously posted on various subjects ("threads") within my five topic areas (CATEGORIES).  


The LylePublishing Discussion Forum is easy, fun, interesting---and yours to make better and better by adding your own good ideas/information/viewpoints to the ever-growing body of knowledge!  

Give it a try!  Enjoy!

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