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A separate website is now available for practical achievement of Inspiration, based on books by Dr. Daniel B. Lyle.  As with LylePublishing.com, this new website --- Creative-Theology.org --- is focused on overcoming those key problems that prevent people from moving closer to the Divine (God.)  Despite heroic efforts on the part of individuals and groups, Divine Inspiration is often thwarted by very difficult problems and barriers. For individuals, seeking the Divine is often blocked by immediate problems such as: 1) troubling questions, 2) shrinking horizons, 3) exhaustion, 4) repeated failure, 5) discouragement, 6) lack of resources, 7) lack of help, 8) painful restrictions, 9) painful families, and 10) interpersonal conflicts, etc.  See in Videos link above short videos by Dr. Lyle on each of these topics.

Solving chronic problems of

religious groups

For religious groups, common big problems preventing moving closer to God are often: 1) stagnant religion, 2) crumbling congregations, 3) ineffective teaching, 4) unsuccessful outreach, 5) bored youth, 6) lack of participation, 7) unresponsive benevolence, 8) lack of growth, 9) not making progress, and 10) lack of quality management. At the new website Creative-Theology.org are short videos by Dr. Lyle that address each of the above chronic group-related big problems.  Often, it takes just a few key ideas or tools to move a group “off center” to re- energize and fuel productive growth. It’s very sad when religious groups composed of sincere, talented, dedicated people get bogged down.  Instead, get inspired!

Facilitation background and

training videos

A key concept in effective management and individual empowerment is “facilitation”.  At Creative- Theology.org/facilitationspecificvideos.htm Dr. Lyle has assembled links to excellent short videos from YouTube.com.  These links provide a powerful basis for understanding and implementing Facilitation in your group or in your own life.  Excellent short videos on the founder of the quality management movement, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, show profound conclusions from the 1990’s, easily and quickly. Moving forward in time to the present are the following YouTube videos: 1) on definition and application of “Total” quality management; 2) how to apply and use facilitation skills, and 3) how to translate these skills into helping small groups, particularly in religious settings.

Assess your skills

Acquiring active confidence requires a solid knowledge of our own strengths. To this end, Dr. Lyle provides a page at Creative-Theology.org /skillsetassessments.htm with links to free online exercises for realistic assessment of your own aptitudes, skills, and interests.

Discussion Forum for

Quality Management

Dr. Lyle has set up and hosts an extensive forum for Quality Management, with an emphasis on applying such to religious institutions and groups. At the Creative-Theology Discussion Forum, there are 6 main Forums: 1) Facilitation Methods & Techniques, 2) Facilitation teamwork challenges, 3) Godly Quality Management, 4) Godly Creativity in theory and action, 5) Activity Groups, and 6) general discussion.

Read comments from others

and/or post your own good


Although the emphasis is on religious application, there are many posts and several forums applicable to applying Quality Management to specific other disciplines and situations. Such topics include: 1) facilitation strategies, 2) facilitating data presentation & analysis, 3) facilitation levels, 4) solving team problems, 5) facilitation “tricks”, 6) Quality Tools, and 7) Defining Quality.  You are welcome to start other discussion threads related to your own particular challenges or opportunities.  Reading what’s already there does not require registration.  If you’d like to respond to existing topics or post your own topics, all you have to do is register at the site---which is quick and easy.

Express Godly Creativity

with others

“Activity Forums” at the Discussion Platform 

include: 1) promoting Truth as a Journey, 2)

Practicing Creative-TheologyTM in an

established, traditional religion, 3) telling your

story in Artful Poetry; and 4) being part of the

Church of Godly Creativity.  Other Forums to

support your Godly Creativity can also be put

in place to link you with others in your

community and across the world!  E-mail Dr.

Lyle with your requests at:


Practical Results

Rather than esoteric, confusing meanderings, Dr. Lyle’s books are focused on how you really best accomplish your goal.  In his videos and books you will hear and see things you never thought of before that may actually change your life for the better. 
Find new opportunities for exciting, interesting, productive growth!