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Searching for Answers

The greatest merit comes not from accepting easy, safe “status-quo” positions---but in struggling to figure out difficult answers.  LylePublishing is a place for “unsatisfied seekers” to look beyond the obvious to the profound.  In doing so, you may discover good options you never dreamed possible.  This is dangerous.  You may go to places that are painful, or require more than you are willing to give.  But it’s also incredibly exciting, interesting, fun, and productive!  Many people choose to settle for what is safe, boring, and unproductive.  Dr. Lyle’s books take you to places that make life worth living.
Get new ideas for attacking your problems from fresh perspectives! 

Overview from Dr. Lyle

Books and Videos

In “Products” are short written and video descriptions describing how Dr. Daniel B. Lyle’s unique books and help you.  The books are available in “Store” for immediate download as PDF files that “pop-up” in your computer for easy-link searches, reading, or printing. All of Dr. Lyle’s books are focused on looking to nature for solutions.  Dr. Lyle holds a Ph.D. in Biology, which is the “study of life.”  Knowing how our brains and bodies actually work allows us fresh perspectives for attacking and solving our worst problems. See “Videos” for other: 1) short descriptions by Dr. Lyle of each of his books, 2) how the “take-home messages” from them can help you in dealing with specific problems, and 3) actual short tours and readings from individual books.  
Looking to nature -- for greater serenity, inspiration, confidence, success, and fitness.
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Overview Video -- for short videos on individual books, see Store or Videos links above.
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